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Convert video to images with VLC Media Player

You may need to extract images from a video.VLC Player will automate the process. Read the guide how to convert video to images with VLC.

Debian 9 Installation Guide

This Debian 9 Installation Guide will help you to install one of the most stable distros of Linux. Users showed great ardor for Debian because of its stability. As a...

10 Things to do first after installing Arch Linux

You have just installed Arch Linux and wonder what to do next. Here are 10 things to do first after installing Arch Linux.

Backup and Restore Your Linux System with rsync

Crating a backup with rsync is the easiest and the most reliable way to back up Linux system regardless. Rsync is a simple, very configurable and flexible program.

Install Debian Testing the right way!

Install Debian Testing to get the latest hardware support, kernel developments and newer programs. Here is the very right way to install Debian Testing.

Why and How to install the LTS kernel in Arch Linux

The LTS kernel in Arch Linux is often recommended installing for stability of the system. But what are the differences between the LTS and standard kernels

Icons only (Windows-like) taskbar in Linux Mint

This windows like panel in Linux Mint with icons only taskbar provides more space to easily deal with multiple applications. For users who are migrating from Windows to Linux, it...

How to FIX: This content is not available in your country

Do you wonder how to fix "This content is not available in your country error"? This post will show you simple and free options to get rid of this message....

Dual boot Arch Linux with another Linux (os-prober)

To dual boot Arch Linux with another Linux system, you need to install another Linux without a bootloader, install os-prober and update the bootloader of Arch Linux to be able...