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In this post, you will learn a universal way to install desktop themes and icon set on any Linux distribution, regardless of what desktop environment you use. I will also show my top themes for GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE, and Plasma 5.

Pling Store

Before we start, make sure to install Pling if you don’t have it already.

Pling Store

Pling is an app that serves as a software centre for Linux desktop customization. It allows you to find and install all sorts of Linux desktop themes, icons, wallpapers etc.

I recommend you to download the AppImage. Make it executable: right-clicking it → Properties → Permission → Make it executable. Then double-click it and Pling Store should launch.

Once you have opened Pling, feel free to search for some themes, plugins or whatever you wish! After selecting the desired item, click install which will download the files and place them in the proper directory. Then you just need to enable that theme in the System Settings.

Cinnamon Flat Remix

Cinnamon Flat Remix

Flat Remix is my preferred theme on Linux Mint. Flat Remix is available in multiple variants:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Each of these variants has its subvariants as well:

  • Light
  • Darker
  • Dark
  • Darkest

I use Flat Remix Blue for window borders, icons & controls. My desktop theme is Chrome OS which you can install using Linux Mint settings (Settings → Appearane → Add/Remove → Install Chrome OS). I find it more appealing than Flat Remix Blue, but feel free to use Flat Remix Blue if you like it as a desktop theme.

GNOME McMojave

GNOME McMojave

If you are a fan of macOS desktop’s look, then GNOME McMojave desktop theme paired with McMojave Icons is for you. Before you install the theme, you can move your Ubuntu dock to the bottom. (Settings → Dock → Position on the screen → Select bottom)

McMojave comes in the following variants:

  • Light
  • Light solid (without transparency)
  • Dark
  • Dark solid (without transparency)

Use GNOME Tweaks to apply these themes to your GNOME desktop.

Plasma 5 Quogir

Plasma 5 Quogir

Qugoir is the theme for the Plasma desktop. It comes in the dark and light variant. Quogir’s well-balanced colour tints play well on modern & simple Plasma desktop.

Plasma 5 install themes

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need Pling on Plasma desktop. All themes can be installed directly from Global Theme section in the Settings app.

XFCE Ant (Dracula) + Vimix


The last entry in the list is Ant Dracula desktop theme with Vimix icons & Dracula windows style on Manjaro XFCE.

Ant is one of the most popular Linux themes and comes in four variants:

  • Ant
  • Ant Dracula
  • Ant Nebula
  • Ant Bloody

If you would like to learn about other popular XFCE themes and further XFCE customization, check out our article on the topic.


In this post, we’ve seen some amazing themes and how to apply them on the most popular Linux desktop environments. What distro/theme combination do you use? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Vladimir Mikulic
Vladimir Mikulic Freelance Software Developer | Linux Enthusiast


RMc Canada

XFCE Ant (Dracula) + Vimix

I seen that black cat wallpaper b4 on one of your videos & just loved it ;-)

Is that part of this dracula theme? or one you just have?

Can you get it one Manjaro Plasma?


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