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A step by step Arch Linux installation guide

This Arch Linux installation guide will show the whole Arch Linux installation process step by step.

Debian 11 Review (GNOME, KDE, XFCE)

I tested Debian 11 for two weeks and present its pros and cons in this review of Debian 11 bullseye.

MX Linux XFCE Review (2021)

What makes MX Linux the most popular distro nowadays? Let's find out!

20 Things to do After Installing MX Linux (2021)

Top 20 things every user should do after installing MX Linux in 2021.

Linux Themes & Icons

Learn how to install themes and icons on any Linux distro (GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE, Plasma 5)

Top 5 XFCE themes (2021)

Top 5 most beautiful XFCE desktop themes to completely transform your XFCE's look.

XFCE drop-down terminal

Did you know that XFCE terminal supports the drop-down mode? In this post, you will learn to enable the XFCE drop-down terminal. A drop-down terminal is very useful to have...

Debian 9 Installation Guide

This Debian 9 Installation Guide will help you to install one of the most stable distros of Linux. Users showed great ardor for Debian because of its stability. As a...

Install Debian Testing the right way!

Install Debian Testing to get the latest hardware support, kernel developments and newer programs. Here is the very right way to install Debian Testing.

Make Xfce look modern and beautiful

Xfce default theme is not nice-looking. But you can make Xfce look modern and beautiful if you install and configure some extra desktop themes and icons.