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Linux Partitioning Recommendations

Learn how to partition your hard drive for Linux linux installation with manuall partitioning

Optimize Ubuntu with Stacer (2021)

Explore Stacer - the best system optimization app for Ubuntu.

How to Install Flash Player on Linux

Install Flash Player on Linux if you need to access old websites that still use Flash. Flash Player is available for both Chromium and Firefox.

Rolling vs. Fixed release Linux Distros? Which one is Best for You?

You will learn what is the difference between a rolling and fixed release Linux distributions. I will also discuss the pros and cons of these two release models.

Linux Picture-in-Picture mode

Linux picture-in-picture mode or the Always on top mode allows you to keep one program always visible even if you work in other programs in your Linux desktop.

Schedule backup in Linux (rsync + cron)

Configure automatic backup in Linux now and you will thank yourself in the future. I will show how to schedule rsync with cron to run daily, weekly, and monthly.

Do I need a Firewall in Linux?

What is a firewall? Do I need a firewall in Linux? How to set up and configure a firewall in Linux. All these questions are answered in this post.

Linux swap: what it is and how to use it

If you are a Linux user you have definitely heard about Linux Swap, but you may not know what it is exactly. This post will explain you what Linux Swap...

How to Format a Bootable USB to Normal

You need to format a bootable USB drive to normal after you used it to install Linux. This post will tach you how to do that. You can also use...

My Linux terminal color scheme

The Linux terminal color scheme is not always attractive. Often is is just black and white. You will learn how to create a nice Linux terminal color scheme that is...

Make a bootable USB drive on any Linux distro

In this post, you will learn how to make a bootable USB drive in Linux system using the native Linux tools. So, it will work in any Linux distro.

Auto-mount encrypted partitions at boot

This post will show you how to mount encrypted partitions at boot automatically because no one likes mounting encrypted partitions manually.

Encrypt your Hard Drive in Linux

Using this method, you can encrypt a hard drive in Linux easely. This encryption method works in any Linux distro and it can be used to encrypt a USB stick....

Linux Root Folders Explained

In this post, you will finally get the Linux root folders explained. You will learn how these folders are used by your Linux system and how you can use them....