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Making a Lower Third Animation in Kdenlive

We are going to use Kdenlive to create a lower third animation. Lower Third Animation is extensively used by news channels and YouTubers.

How to Install Flash Player on Linux

Install Flash Player on Linux if you need to access old websites that still use Flash. Flash Player is available for both Chromium and Firefox.

Pop!_OS 20.04 Review: better than Ubuntu 20.04

You have been requesting Pop!_OS review for a very long time. So, here it is: Pop!_OS 20.04 review.

Ubuntu 20.04 Review (vs Ubuntu 18.04)

Ubuntu 20.04 has changed my attitude towards Ubuntu. While doing this Ubuntu 20.04 review, I was impressed by all new features and improvements.

Ubuntu vs Arch Linux

A long term Ubuntu user switches to Arch Linux. I share what it is like to use these great but so different Linux distros?

Fix "Add to Favorites" for custom apps in Ubuntu

There is no Add to Favorites in Ubuntu dock for custom apps. You will learn how to create a custom launcher and add it to favorites.

Linux PC Build 2021

My Linux computer build for video editing. It is an Intel-based Linux system with a lot of RAM and a powerful processor to work with Kdenlive.

30 Things to Do After Installing Debian 10

The 30 things to do after installing Debian 10 are the things I have done on my Debian 10 GNOME installation.

Debian 10 XFCE Review

Debian 10 XFCE is my favorite XFCE distro. Debian and XFCE fit each other the best. Both are light, fast, and reliable. I argue for that in this review.