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21 Things To Do After Installing OpenSUSE

What are the essential 21 things to do after installing OpenSUSE? You will find out in this post!

Overview of the best commenting systems for your static website

Looking for a commenting system for your static website? This article compares the best commenting systems for your Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Github pages website!

21 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu MATE

So, you've installed Ubuntu MATE, now what? Check out this post to learn about my top 21 things to do after installing Ubuntu MATE.

Simple Screen Recorder: the simplest way to record screen on Linux

Recording screen tutorial doesn't have to be complicated! In this post, we'll learn the simplest way to record screen tutorial on Linux!

The Benefits of Open-Source Software

What exactly makes open source so appealing? We will be discussing some of the benefits of software with publicly accessible codes.

How to use OBS to create screen tutorials?

Learn the basics on how to record a screen tutorial on Linux with OBS, the most feature-rich recorder application on Linux!

The most powerful terminal for Plasma 5

Which Linux terminal is the best for Plasma 5? If you ask me that's Yakuake - a dropdown terminal emulator for Plasma 5.

Top 10 Best Linux distros

We will explore 10 Linux distros that I consider to be the best. I used all of these distro and share my opinion on them.

How to use HandBrake on Linux?

Learn how to use HandBrake video transcoder to convert video to different formats on Linux.