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Creating a new user and modifying its privileges in Linux

In this post: how to create a new user in Linux, grant it administrative privileges, set password and account expiration dates, and how to delete a user.

How to install and use SSH on Linux

You will learn how to install and use SSH on Linux including: 1) configure ssh on the local and remote computers, 2) check if SSH port is open, 3) connect...

How to Downgrade a Package in Arch Linux or Manjaro?

I will show you how to downgrade a package in Arch Linux (or Manjaro) and how to stop that package from further updates if you find a bug in the...

21 things to do after installing Solus

If you wonder what you can do to make your Solus even better than it is by default. These are my 21 things to do after installing Solus.

Ubuntu 19.04 Review: 5 Concerns

In this Ubuntu 19.04 review, I won't touch upon what is new in this release. Instead, I will focus on what it brings in terms of performance and user experience....

Solus Themes & Icons (2019)

Additional Solus themes and icons can make your already beautiful desktop look awesome! You can insatall themes manually and from the repository.

Schedule backup in Linux (rsync + cron)

Configure automatic backup in Linux now and you will thank yourself in the future. I will show how to schedule rsync with cron to run daily, weekly, and monthly.

Solus OS 4 Review - I like it but ...

"Please, make a Solus review" is the most frequent request I get. So, I had to review Solus 4. I will show you pros and cons of Solus Linux.

Edit PDF in Linux (split, merge, extract, rotate)

You will learn how to edit PDFs in Linux with a modern graphical program. In partuluar, you will see how to merge, split, rotate PDFpages in Linux.