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LanguageTool: free and open-source grammar checker

LanguageTool is an open-source tool for checking text for spelling and grammar errors. It is available for LibreOffice, Google Docs, MS Word, Firefox, Google Chrome, Emacs, VIM, etc.

Rolling vs. Fixed release Linux Distros? Which one is Best for You?

You will learn what is the difference between a rolling and fixed release Linux distributions. I will also discuss the pros and cons of these two release models.

Elementary OS Juno Review: Top Linux distro for Laptops

In this review of Elementary OS Juno, I describe its pros and cons as well as argue that it may be a good Linux distro for laptops.

Cloudberry Backup for Linux Server (web interface)

You will learn how to install CloudBerry Backup for Linux on a server and configure it with the web interface. CloudBerry Backup can back up to any popular cloud storage....

How to use Picture in Picture in elementary OS

Learn how to use the picture in picture in Elementary OS. Elementary OS is the only Linux distribution that offers a true picture in picture mode.

15 Things to do after installing elementary OS

These 15 things to do after installing elementary OS Juno summarize the settings, tweaks, and adjustments I did on my elementary OS Juno installed on a laptop

Skype For Web in Linux (2019)

Skype for Web is a great way to enjoy this very popular Microsoft service in Linux without installing any program. It is a good alternative for Skype for desktop

Linux Picture-in-Picture mode

Linux picture-in-picture mode or the Always on top mode allows you to keep one program always visible even if you work in other programs in your Linux desktop.

Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox (UEFI)

You will learn how to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox and enable full-screen mode, shared clipboard, shared folder and other features that help integrate Virtual environment and your main system...